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Print Marketing for Law Firms

I know, I know, it’s 2019, surely EVERYTHING is online nowadays?  Well that’s just not true is it?  In these increasingly digital times having great print material can set you apart.  When was the last time you critically looked at your business cards.  Does it tell people what you do “the morning after” when they retrieve it from the jacket pocket or handbag?

What about those “comfort blankets” that your lawyers still like to have, oh, sorry, I meant your brochure and your services leaflets.  Yes, having a small stock of suitable printed material is still necessary but in this day & age a four page A5 flyer or longer/bigger is just a waste of time, most of the time.  That’s not to say you should not have such things, we accept that you should.  But, we’re pretty sure it gets filed under “B” the second you walk out the door.

Have a look at what Eric Robinson and Francis Wilks & Jones have been doing with a tips booklet approach.  Masses of really useful information that can be used at events, as leave behinds after client meetings and on racks in your reception area.  Printed material with REAL value.