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SEO for the Legal Sector

Search Engine Optimisation for the Legal Sector

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving and promoting your law firms website in order to increase the number of visitors and visibility within search engines which ultimately help to drive enquiries through your firm’s site.  This enables you and your firm to get more ROI out of your website.  There are four core components to our SEO services:-

We believe that SEO isn’t just about getting your law firm’s site to number 1 with a handful of keywords.  It is in fact made up of hundreds of different elements to drive those all important enquiries via your website which takes time, skill, knowledge and patience.

Our Search Marketing team and in-house experts are all specialists in usability, technical marketing, insights, analytics and website conversion. We deliver Search Marketing strategies which are bespoke to your law firm’s goals and are built on a detailed understanding of how your firm’s audience find your site, behave and currently enquire.

To achieve success within Search Marketing, we analyse:

  • Who your audience is – current and desired
  • Where your audience are online
  • What your audience search for – relating to your firm’s offering
  • Why your audience turns to search engines

We believe a well-rounded SEO campaign is made up of a six-stage cycle, which in brief, is:

  • Research, Analysis & Insights
  • Keyword & Landing Page opportunities
  • Onsite Analysis & Amendments
  • Content Analysis
  • Social Media Integration
  • Tracking & Reporting

Why is Search Marketing necessary?

It is still (and always will be) a very powerful route to market as people rely on Search Engines; between 80 - 90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase or commitment. (Forbes.com)

  • The rise of mobile & tablet searches - Mobile and tablet searches are rising exponentially as people use their mobiles more and more.
  • Local and personalised results - As Google evolves, so do the search results, which are ever more personalised and localised.  Lucrative for local law firms & businesses.
  • Content is King - Having powerful content on your site is great, but people still need to find it.
  • The competition - your competitors are doing it, and SEO is an on-going process.  If you’re not moving forward and gaining ground, you’re losing online business to your competitors.

We can offer you a range of Search Marketing options:

National SEO

SEO is the process of gaining maximum visibility & engagement within search engines’ “organic” results pages.

The rule of thumb is that the better visibility your firm has in search engines, the more traffic your site will gain.  Concentrating on a good CTR (click through rate) will potentially generate more enquiries and business.

The quality of traffic is key – optimising your site based on a clever natural mix of search terms is how you start bringing relevant visitors to your site.

Our new tailored SEO service helps your firm’s site be seen across a number of relevant search terms, where a relevant audience are ready and waiting to engage with you.

We provide a combination of services that may include:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Audience research
  • Conversion analysis
  • Onsite audits & amendments
  • Blog set-ups
  • Content creation (for blogs)
  • Blogger outreach
  • Localised site profiling
  • Content marketing

How do we track & measure results?

Ranking reports – after identifying current and new keyword opportunities, we track the performance of your firm’s site against a number of keywords to determine an element of growth.

Analytics & Webmaster Tools report – the Holy Grail of any site.  Although reports can be bespoke, we tend to track & measure the growth of organic (SEO) visits, time on site, user journey and form completions. 

Heatmapping – Heatmaps are visual representations of where individual users have clicked on your site.  This reporting tool enables us to see what is hot and what is not, so we can then advise on website changes that increase conversions based on data driven decisions.

Call Tracking – Our partner of choice enables a solution to track each phone call and report back which marketing medium that phone call came from, down to a keyword level. This allows us to delve deeper into the impact of our SEO services and how many phone call enquires we have delivered via our SEO campaign. This software can also track form fills, call back requests and any other CTA’s (calls to action) your site may have.

Local SEO

Our Local SEO package offers a chance for your firm to be found not generally, but locally.  Your firm can be found for a number of competitive keywords and phrases, yet you can also ensure that you market yourself in a specific region, city or town via a Local SEO campaign. This drives highly relevant, localised traffic to your appropriate pages.

Our Local SEO services concentrates on three core aspects :-

  1. Google My Business - which is an amalgamation of Google +, Google Maps and Google Local.
  2. Website Silos – ensuring that  work is done on your website ensuring that all aspects of the site are optimised for your locality.
  3. Citations and NAP – NAP stands for name, address and phone number.  These need to be consistent everywhere they appear on the Internet.

Local SEO works in the same way as our standard SEO, yet concentrating the majority of our efforts into the geographical areas of your service.  Why do this? Someone seeking professional legal advice in Wales wouldn’t necessarily want to enquire with a firm in London.  A local firm with a familiar location and a welcoming brand will make that enquiry a lot more likely to submit, therefore giving a higher rate of converted online enquiries.