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Ensuring you get the best out of your website is a key part of what we do for law firms. Time and time again when we speak to clients BEFORE they become clients, we get told that they have no idea how well their website is performing. They have no idea whether their website generates more money than it costs and whether it really adds to their marketing effort.

Feel free to download a PDF file that explains more about our Relationship Management process and read some clients quotes about how they feel it has helped them get the best out of their website.

A typical Review Meeting will last an hour and is done remotely using the phone and screen-sharing software. A typical agenda will be as follows :-

  • an update on your business and how things are going
  • review any outstanding support queries you have
  • review your website statistics including Google Analytics, search engine rankings, Google Ads, PPC results etc
  • a forward look at new services and modules we might have coming up such as Chatbots, SecureForms
  • discuss any training needs you might have e.g. how to use some features of the Content Management System
  • review your social media activities - LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, Facebook, Instagram

Once the review is over, your assigned Account Manager will write up some detailed notes and actions and email them to you within 24 hours.


Prices start from £75 per month and vary by the frequency of support that you require.  Full price list.

Account Management Team

The Account Management team is headed by Dan Hodges. The team are all experienced digital marketing professionals.