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Marketing Consultancy for Law Firms

Marketing Consultancy for the Legal Sector

Advertising or PR? Direct mail or seminars? Cross selling or Yellow Pages? It's never as simple as straightforward choice between two options is it? In reality you need to be doing all these things. However the right choice of "marketing mix" depends entirely on you.

When developing a comprehensive marketing plan, you strive to gain the highest ROI possible with your allotted budget. Are you looking to double the size of your business, increase it slightly or just protect your current levels of fee income? Either way, taking a strategic approach to marketing your firm is crucial to the outcome.

We can help with making marketing an effective function across the whole firm, from your admin staff, legal support staff, solicitors and partners. Marketing is not a function carried out by one person!

You might just need a fireside chat to kick-start your internal resources, you may need more regular support at partners meetings, or it might be a full marketing strategy document. Whatever your specific requirements we can tailor a marketing strategy plan to suit your needs.

We have a team of experienced marketing consultants who have all worked in law firms for a number of years.  Each consultant works with a small set of clients ensuring that their marketing is effective, both in terms of cost and the work generated.

For a free consultation aka a "fireside chat" then please get in contact.