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Pricing Transparency for Law Firms

Pricing Transparency for Law Firms

We have created a a series of resources for our clients in order to address the mandate from the SRA re. pricing transparency and the Digital Badge.

We have a more detailed blog post on this topic and have held a series of webinars recently. The SRA have published their guidance and the CLC have published theirs.

Behind this form are the following resources :-

  • a document outlining the package of services we are offering our clients that over law firms can crib from*
  • a link to a recording of one of our webinars
  • the Powerpoint deck we delivered in the webinar

If you are client of ours already, we will have been in touch.

* If you do not work with us already and would like a conversation about how we can help you become compliant in this area, then just tick the relevant box below and we will be in touch.

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