Conscious Platform

Conscious Platform

Your Website - Our technology

You wouldn’t run your law firm’s accounts on Excel, why run your website on non-specialist website software.  That’s why we built a platform that will work for you.

The techie bit about the Conscious Platform is:

It is built using some of the very latest open technologies such as  HTML5, CSS2, jQuery, XML, XSLT and CSS2. Not only this, but we have used robust, cost-effective software such as Linux and PostgreSQL to build our application. This means your website is highly secure, with high availability at an extremely competitive price.  Also, as legal sector specialists our Platform has been built from the ground up to suit the specific requirements of law firms.

To see why our clients prefer the Conscious Platform

Watch and listen to Robin Evans from Boys & Maughan talk about the robustness of our platform and how he uses it in his job -

All websites we build are “responsive”, by this we mean that they adapt to users who are accessing via a smart phone or other small screen device.

The most powerful application of these modules is when they are all used together. Consider the following scenario. A piece of new legislation is passed. You use the Survey module to create a quick multiple choice poll question. Using a 3rd party application like MailChimp you email all registered users of your website. 24 hours later you have had 50 people complete the survey. You create a press release based on the views of your users which gets coverage in the local paper and helps attract some new business, then use the CMS to place a copy of the press release back on your website.