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Having a CMS on your site means you can update it from any browser. A simple login process reveals the Editor's Toolbar and allowing you to change text and other page-objects - it's the easiest thing in the world.

The One Minute Guide.

Download our One Minute Guide to Conscious CMS3 for the fastest ever introduction to CMS3.0 - all you need to appreciate the power of this platform.

"On-page Editing" Makes Everything So Easy.

If you have previous experience of using a Content Management System you’ll know that most systems require you to edit content by first logging in to a separate “administration” area where content is usually organised by type. You first search for the content you want to change and only then can you edit it. Although this makes things easy for developers it’s not the most intuitive way of managing a website.

CMS3 is different. It tries to ensure that you can do what you want to do whilst remaining on the website rather than having to navigate your way around a separate “administration” area. With CMS3 you can move through your site using the normal navigation menu and then decide to edit content or add more content to a page by using a range of simple options which appear on the page. We call this “On-Page Editing” and it’s what makes CMS3 so easy to use for Editors.

Standard Features.

There are a lot of "modules" to CMS3 which provide functionality to address specific needs. The modules are listed in the navigation of this section of the site. Here are some of the general features that help make CMS3 the easiest way for you to manage your website:

  • Edit from anywhere with any modern browser
  • Consistent and polished User Interface with help when you need it
  • Build or modify your pages piece by piece (CMS3 is object-orientated so you don't have to force all pages to comply with a limited number of layout templates)
  • Easily schedule pages to appear on your site in the future, and set a date when they will remove themselves (ideal for promotions and special offers)
  • Cross reference content with staff and feature the content on staff-profile pages